Yunjae :: Crazy Love Chap. 2

Author: Me a.k.a Jaehan Kim Yunjae — @yunjaehan
Pairing: Yunjae
Length: 2/?
Rating: T
Genre: Romance / Incest / M-preg
Beta: moonlite444
Kim Jaejoong
Jung Yunho
I don’t own Yunjae. They own each other but I hope I can own them. The plot, story and poster are mine.
This is YAOI fanfic means boy x boy story, so if you can’t take it just leaves already. I don’t wanna hear bad comments and I don’t care with your comments.Foreword | 1. This is Crazy

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The trip to go home is really different from the trip to go to the hospital this morning. Happiness and satisfaction surround every step crosses the crowded city, while on the trip when they left this morning their feelings were surrounded by scared and worried with the result they would receive. But, all have shown the result which is given warm feeling for the both.

After met the kind doctor who willingly examined Jaejoong’s condition and gave opportunity to check his condition in every month of his pregnancy, Yunho and Jaejoong go home and start routinely to prepare themselves for the presence of the little creature who will give new colors in their life.

“Hyung, don’t we fetch Umma and Appa? It is already afternoon, maybe the plane has already arrived.” Jaejoong asks, staring at Yunho beside him. Right now they are still at main road in Seoul.
“You are right, Jae. What time is it?” Yunho asks back, looking at Jaejoong for a moment and back to pay attention to the main road in front of him.
“It is already 4 p.m., what time will Umma and Appa arrive?” Jaejoong replies, seeing the watch which is made from white metal on his wrist.
“Umma and Appa supposed to arrive a while ago.” Yunho says, and then he hears his cell phone in his right pocket ringing.
“Hello… Umma” Yunho says after saw who is calling him.
“Yunho, where is your brother?” The woman at the other line asks directly.
“Aish… Umma. Do you call me just to ask where Jaejoong is directly, instead of asking about me?” Yunho says in spoiled way
“Yunho-ah, you know I love both of you so much. Both of you were born from my womb. Of course I also love you like I love Jaejoong, your brother.” That woman says and Yunho just takes a breath slowly hearing it.
“It is just that Jaejoong is still young and you have already mature, Yunho. Do you still want to be treated as spoiled kid who still depends on your mother?” The middle age woman continues while chuckling.
“Umma…” Yunho pleads.
“Don’t you love Jaejoong too?” The woman asks exactly, still laughing.
“Yes, yes Umma. Of course I also love Jaejoong so much.”
“If it is that so, now give the cell phone to your brother!”
“Alright” Yunho gives up and gives his cell phone to Jaejoong who is beside him.
“Umma!” Jaejoong says quickly and happily while bouncing his body on the car seat.
“Don’t be too happy, Jae!” Yunho says, seeing his brother’s cute act which never fails to make him smiles.
“Of course I’m happy, Hyung. Umma is too long in Japan.” Jaejoong replies directly.
“Jaejoong” The woman calls at the other line.
“Umma, when will you and Appa come home?” Jaejoong asks without answering his mother’s call.
“That is the thing I want to tell you both.” The woman answers with sad tone.
“What does happen, Umma?” Jaejoong is suddenly quiet on his seat. He feels afraid, feeling something that he will not like.
“It seems that I and Appa can’t come home today” The mother says, regrets.
“Why, Umma?” Jaejoong begins feeling sad.
“Appa’s company has a lot of problems here. If it is not settled now, maybe it will bankrupt.”
“But, Umma…” Jaejoong tries to change his mother’s thought.
“Jaejoong-ah, you know that it is very important for us.” Jaejoong’s mother pleads.
“For how long, Umma?” Jaejoong is sad to ask.
“Maybe about half a year or more”
“Is that long, Umma?”
“For my shake, Jaejoong” That woman begs.
“Okay Umma… Where is Appa, Umma?” Jaejoong asks after managed his heart.
“Appa is still at the company, there are still many things that must be taken care.”
“Umm… Umma, take care of yourself there! Okay” Jaejoong says weakly, but he makes it seemed cheerful.
“It supposed to be me who said that. Take care of you two at home, and you, Jaejoong don’t make trouble at school, don’t bother your hyung, hm?”
“Yes, Umma. Tell my greeting to Appa!” Jaejoong smiles in the end and ends the phone call.
“What did umma say, Jae?” Yunho asks after saw Jaejoong closed the cell phone and receives the cell phone from Jaejoong.
“Umma said that they won’t come home today and…” Jaejoong lowers his head.
“And what, Jae?”
“Umma said they will be in Japan for half a year or more.” He continues.
“Jae…” Yunho calls. He really understands how his brother’s feeling.
“Mhmm…” Jaejoong mumbles.
“Yunho stops his black car on the side of the street and looks at his lovely brother who is still lowering his head.
“Jae…” Yunho calls again.
“Umm…” Jaejoong mumbles again.
Yunho pulls Jaejoong into his embrace and caresses Jaejoong’s back slowly by his one hand while his other hand is circling perfectly on Jaejoong’s waist.

“Jae…” Yunho feels his shirt wet.
“Hyung…” Jaejoong says, pulling Yunho’s clothes strongly on his chest.
“I know you miss them.”
“Why were Umma and Appa so long there? It is almost five years and they don’t come home yet.” Jaejoong is sad.
“Umma and Appa will come home. Now, don’t think too much. I don’t want something bad happens to you and also our baby.” Yunho says.
“Eumm…” Jaejoong nods, staring at Yunho. It seems that he can’t refuse if it something related to his baby.
“Why can’t Umma and Appa come home today, Jae?” Yunho asks after saw Jaejoong calmed enough.
“Umma said there is problem with Appa’s company in Japan. So, it must be solved first, or else it will bankrupt.”
“Mhmm… It is true that there is a little problem with Appa’s company, Jae.”
“Really?” Jaejoong asks surprised.
“Yes, yesterday I read some reports about the company in Japan. There are some employees who try to trespass.” Yunho answers softly.
“Now, don’t cry anymore, okay! Your eyes become red like this.” Yunho continues, wiping the tears on Jaejoong’s eyes slowly.
“Eumm… Hyung, don’t leave me too!” Jaejoong says, feeling Yunho’s touch on his eyes.
“I will never leave you, Jae.” Yunho smiling and kissing both Jaejoong’s eyes slowly.
“I love you too much to leave you.” Yunho continues. Now he is kissing Jaejoong’s head and Jaejoong opens his eyes, also smiling while staring at Yunho.
“You’re so precious.” Yunho adds.
“Hyung…” Jaejoong closes his eyes again and Yunho really knows the meaning of his brother’s act.
“You” Yunho says, ruffling Jaejoong’s hair and kissing those red lips slowly but now is longer, then he smiles again.

Season has been changed and time is also passed. Spring has come back to the east part of this earth. Jaejoong and Yunho are still with their conditions and their parents are still in Japan without knowing what has happened to their both sons.

The thing which is changed is only Jaejoong’s body which us growing bigger, because his pregnancy is already five months a few weeks old and his craving are so many. It sometimes makes Yunho confused to fulfill it. Besides, his mood is swinging; sometimes happy, sometimes pissed off, sometimes spoiled, etc. Of course, Yunho will be always beside him to fulfill all his wishes. His study has been finished since two months ago and none of his friends at school knows about his condition.

“Hyung, don’t you go to the company today?” Jaejoong asks Yunho who is sitting next to him while watching television in the living room.
“No, Jae. Today I only want to spend my time with you and our baby.” Yunho answers, caressing Jaejoong’s big belly slowly and leaning his face to it then kissing it a few times.
“How is Appa’s baby today?” Yunho asks as he is talking with his unborn child.
“Baby is alright, Appa.” Jaejoong answers with childish tone and smiles while staring at Yunho who is still in front of his stomach and kissing his big belly slowly.
“How about the Umma?” Yunho asks again, this time he is staring at Jaejoong.
“Umma is also fine, Appa.” Jaejoong answers again and Yunho kisses Jaejoong’s red lips slowly.
“How about the Appa?” This time Jaejoong asks the same question.
“Of course Appa is fine too, as long as both of you are beside me, I’ll always feel fine.” Yunho answers and both of them smiles happily.
“..…” Jaejoong is suddenly stayed silent and staring at Yunho with pleading and sad face.
“Hyung…” Jaejoong calls and Yunho immediately straightens his body, feeling something serious on Jaejoong.
“Yes, Jae.” He answers.
“How about this?” Jaejoong asks.
“What is it, Jae?” Yunho is confused, taking Jaejoong’s hand and caressing it softly.
“A half year will be over soon. Umma and Appa will come back soon.” Jaejoong holds his words. He is really afraid.
“How will we explain this when Umma and Appa come home? It is impossible to hide it, isn’t it?” Jaejoong continues.
“Jae…” Yunho comforts him.
“My stomach will get bigger, Hyung. It can’t be hidden anymore. I’m afraid…” tears start to flow on Jaejoong’s cute face slowly.
“Will Umma and Appa separate us? I can’t live without you, Hyung.” Jaejoong moves slowly, leaning his body to Yunho’s to look for warmth.
“How is this, Hyung?” He asks, hugging Yunho’s body and burying his face on Yunho’s chest.
“Jae…” Yunho circles his both arms on Jaejoong’s waist to calm his brother.
“I will never leave you.” Yunho answers firmly.
“But, Umma won’t approve our relationship, especially Appa. Appa must be very angry. You are his favorite son whom he trusts the most.” Jaejoong replies.
“But instead you disappointed him with this. Appa won’t forgive us, Hyung.” He adds hesitantly.
“So… Will you leave me, Jae?” Yunho asks, staring at Jaejoong while loosening his hug.
“No!” I don’t want to. Never!” Jaejoong answers, widening his eyes over Yunho’s question and immediately shaking his head.
“If it is that so, I also will defend you.” Yunho hugs his brother again.
“But, how about Umma and Appa?” Jaejoong still doubts.
“I choose you than Umma and Appa, Jae” Yunho assures.
“And by that we will be ungrateful kids, Hyung.” Jaejoong says.
“I can’t let you go, Jae. I will die if you’re not by my side.” Yunho assures.
“While Umma and Appa, if both of them really love us, they won’t do something like that. Umma and Appa should let us however it will be.”
“But, it seems that the possibility is so small, Hyung, or maybe it’s impossible.” Jaejoong lifts his head a little to stare at Yunho.
“Although the chance is small, it doesn’t mean that it is impossible, doesn’t it? If we have to be rebellious sons, I will do it for you.” Yunho answers, lowering his head to stare at Jaejoong.
“Do you want to do that?” Jaejoong is surprised.
“For you, I can do everything, Jae. It is because I love you so much.” Yunho answers to assure his brother.
“I love you more.” Jaejoong answers.
“More than your love to Umma and Appa?” Yunho asks.
“More, even so much more, because you always by my side.”
“It seems that we are fated to be rebellious sons.” Both of them laugh in regret.

Although happiness is seen from outside, the sadness is still exist. Who will feel fully happiness when love which supposes to be beautiful is not approved by all peoples, even by their parents? They are in between two difficult choices. The choices where one of them is not definitely right, as between a guy and a man, which one that is the mature one?

“Since the beginning, we were at fault, Jae. Nope, not us, but me who was at fault.” Yunho says.
“I have affected your innocent mind to love me.”
“Hyung!” Jaejoong is angry heard Yunho words just now.
“Don’t you often say that like and loves are the things that can’t be forced? They will come by themselves to whoever they are.” Jaejoong says with a serious tone.
“And I never feel you forced me to love you, moreover if you affected me to be like this.” Jaejoong added
“But you were a very good boy, Jae. You always listened to all what Umma said, and now…”
“Didn’t I ever say to you before? I like you since I was at the first grade and that time you were not affected me at all. I love you because I really love you.” Jaejoong circles his arms on Yunho’s neck, hugging his hyung tight and burying his face on Yunho’s neck.
“Love that appears because of all attentions and love which you give to me.” He continues.
“Don’t you always say that with this love we can be strong and can do everything? Why do you become the weak one now?” Jaejoong smiles, staring at Yunho and cups Yunho’s face by his hands.
“I love you, Jae.” Yunho answers, smiling in the end to erase all doubts in his heart.
“Me too, Hyung.” Jaejoong replies.

Their faces are moving approaching each other. There is no force in it, only instinct which makes them to move. The distance becomes closer and it is covered by soft kiss on their sweet lips, the pleasure that they can’t get from another else, only kissing and sucking softly. Yunho pulls Jaejoong’s body to be closer to him and circles his arms on Jaejoong’s waist. As he gets an instruction, Jaejoong circles his arms back on Yunho’s neck and sits on his hyung’s lap.

Yunho bites Jaejoong’s lower lip slowly, forcing Jaejoong to scream slowly and open his mouth. Yunho inserts his tongue into Jaejoong’s mouth quickly and plays with Jaejoong’s tongue there, his favorite game when he is with his brother. After satisfied playing and he feels that his body really needs air, Yunho pulls out and stare at Jaejoong.

“It… is… enough.” Yunho says while managing his breath.
“……” Jaejoong is still trying to gather his strength and is not able to say anything.
“If it is continued, I can’t hold anymore and can hurt our baby.” Yunho continues and kisses Jaejoong’s stomach again slowly.
“You’ll be a good Appa.” Jaejoong smiles, caressing Yunho’s brownish hair slowly on his stomach
“Of course, I have to be a good Appa for my kid, right?” Yunho replies, lifting his face a little to stare at Jaejoong.
“I will be a good Umma too.” Jaejoong stares at Yunho back.
“I hope our baby will be alright.” Jaejoong adds after thought for a moment.
“What do you mean, Jae?” Yunho asks confusedly, straightening his sitting position.
“I ever heard, peoples said a child from the same blood will not be safe. Even if it is safe, it won’t be normal physically.” Jaejoong explains.
“Do you believe something like that?”
“I don’t know, Hyung. But, I’m afraid.”
“Don’t believe too much to stupid things like that, children are given by God, while we just can try to get it. So, it depends on God to give what kind of child.” Yunho replies, caressing Jaejoong’s hair slowly.
“If in the end it is physically abnormal, does it mean we won’t admit it? It is not like that, isn’t it?” He adds.
“Eumm… I will still love it. You are suitable to be Appa.”
“My age is 23 years old already, Jae. Of course I must act mature to protect both of you and I want to make this child be proud to have Appa like me later.”
“I also will try to change, for you and our baby.” Jaejoong replies.
“You become more mature, Jae.”
“It’s because of you, Hyung. It’s because you are always beside me. I feel that it is normal if we become rebellious children, Hyung.”
“Because Umma and Appa were never with us when we needed them, even since we were kids Umma and Appa never really educated, took care, and protected us. It’s normal if I choose you over them.”
“You are right, even I more often asked the nanny than Umma and Appa to do my assignment when I was a kid before.”
“It seems that it is something normal.” Yunho adds.

Every people will always look for a right reason to make whatever they do seemed right, so that the painful and regret can be healed, even a mistake can become right if it is repeated many times and it is considered right. But, can the mistake be covered forever? Because something smelly can be smelled although it is covered by anything.

Every peoples walk with their own steps and purposes. There are peoples who can walk alone, but there are also peoples who need partners to reach the right direction on their way. One thing that must be remembered, on every step there will be footstep which can be identified.

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