Yunjae :: Crazy Love Chap. 3 END

Author: Me a.k.a Jaehan Kim Yunjae – @yunjaehan
Pairing: Yunjae
Length: 3
Rating: M
Genre: Romance / Incest / M-preg
Beta: mint_whispers
Kim Jaejoong
Jung Yunho
I do not own Yunjae. They own each other but I hope that one day I can own them. The plot, story and posters are mine.
This is YAOI fanfic which means boy x boy story, so if you can not take it just leaves already. I do not wanna hear bad comments that are against boys love.Foreword | 1. This is Crazy | 2. as long as

Happy Reading ^ ^
Time is running so fast, six months had passed totally unnoticed by the two brothers and their attitude has not changed. Their love remains the same, despite obstacles that will continue to inevitably arise in the journey of the two. However the belief in themselves and a loved one becomes its own power in their stride.

Yunho awoke from sleeping soundly, while feeling the warmth of the tiny body beside him. A smile appeared on his face, just like it always did when he looked at the cute man who fell asleep in his arms. His arms sub-consciously embraced the tiny body. He leaned towards it and increasingly embedded Jaejoong in his hold as he slowly drank the sweet scent from smooth black hair of Jaejoong and looked at his shady smile..

“Who could resist you, Jae” he smiled as he gently stroked Jaejoong’s cheek with his hand.
“In fact, I have always held myself back. I do not remember you being pregnant, despite my often teasing Jae, ” he said with sly smile..
“But for now, it seems that just a peck is enough for me” said Yunho as he then lean his face to Jaejoong and lightly kissed Jaejoong on the lips.

But still, Jung Yunho is Jung Yunho who will never be satisfied with just a peck alone. Yunho deepened his kiss on Jaejoong’s lips which began to cause Jaejoong to wake up. A sigh from Jaejoong failed to make Yunho stop and instead he deepened the kiss.

Jaejoong slowly opened his lips as his breathing began to feel claustrophobic and opened his eyes to see who was disturbing his sleep. His doe eyes opened slowly and stared softly at his hyung who is now on top of him. Jaejoong unconsciously wrapped his arms around Yunho’s muscular body.

Felt the slight movements on his lips due to soft calls his favorite brother, slowly Yunho started releasing Jaejoong from the kiss and stared softly at the man below him.

“You woke up, Jae?” the question that easily be answered actually came out of Yunho.
“Hyung …” Jaejoong said, trying to regain his strength.
“Mhmm …” Yunho replied smiling.
“Hyung, that was a strange way to wake me up,” Jaejoong laughed spoiled.
“But you like it right?” Yunho added with a sly smile on his face while Jaejoong just bowed ashamedly.
“Oh yes hyung, isn’t it today that Umma and Appa are coming home?” recalled Jaejoong.
“You’re right Jae, clean yourself, I will ask Umma when they will arrive” said Yunho as he starts to lift himself from Jaejoong’s body.
“Eumm …” Jaejoong nodded and walked to the toilet in their room.

Seeing Jaejoong who began moving to clean his face, Yunho took his seat on the bed and took a cell phone on a small table next to the bed side and contacted her parents who are now in Japan.

“Hello! Umma “said Yunho, expect to hear the familiar sound of a woman asnswer his call.
“Yunho” said one across there.
“Ah-Appa” said Yunho was surprised to hear his father’s voice.
“Yes this is Appa, Yunho. There was a problem? “Ask that man.
“Nothing Appa, I just wanted to ask when Appa and Umma will arrive in Seoul?” Yunho asked with a little nervousness in his voice. He rarely interacts with his parents.
“We’ve been at Narita airport, and soon we will leave if there is no delay, like yesterday” answered that man with a flat tone.
“All right, Jaejoong and I will pick Umma and Appa later” Yunho replied.
“Mhmm …” he murmured without being able to be interpreted the intent of the answer
“… Where is Um-Umma?”
“She’s been in the washroom for a while,” said the man remained in a flat tone.
“Oh-What happened to all?” Yunho murmured softly.
“What did you say Yunho?” said the man. He didn’t hear Yunho’s previous words.
“No. Nothing Appa, “Yunho replied, shaking his head even though he knew no one could see him.
“Well Appa. I’ll hang up yet, we will be ready soon”
“Yes,” the man replied immediately, as he disconnected the phone.
“There is absolutely no change” said Yunho, as he looked at the phone in his hand.
“Anytime I do anything, it seems like Appa never cares,” Yunho mumbled as he put back the black phone on a small table beside his bed.
“Naturally Joongie always missed Umma” thought Yunho without realizing Jaejoong who have come out of the washroom and walked toward him.
“How is it hyung? Have you contacted Umma? ” Jaejoong asked as he was standing beside Yunho.
“I have…” Yunho nodded, pulled Jaejoong’s hand and took him to sit by his side and embraced him tightly
“But …” he cut off, put his head put his head in the crook of Jaejoong’s neck.
“But what hyung?” Jaejoong asked Yunho confusedly. He pulled Yunho’s face to look at him closer.
“It’s not Umma who’ve answered it but Appa,” Yunho replied, sighing lightly.
“Appa answered it! Really hyung? Then what?“ said Jaejoong who could not believe Yunho’s words.
“You know how Appa, he simply replied roughly” said Yunho lightly.
“Eumm…Where is Umma, hyung?” Jaejoong asked.
“Umma just like you, in the washroom,” whined Yunho.
“The smell of your body is very comfortable,” Jae said to Yunho who suddenly who felt comfortable when he sniffed scent of Jaejoong’s body.
“Then what did Appa say hyung?” said Jaejoong ignoring Yunho’s previous utterance.
“Appa told me they were at the Narita airport and may come soon if there is no delay,” Yunho said softly.
“Eumm … Uh-” Jaejoong said as he heard an incoming call on his cell phone.

Jaejoong tried to grab the phone off the side of his bed hope to let go Yunho’s hold on his body, his hyung looked like he needed some time right now. This is common if his hyung had recently been talking or arguing with their parents.

“Umma! You’ve arrive at Seoul so fast! “Jaejoong excited to see the name calling on a cell phone as he instantly answered it.
“Jaejoong-ah, Umma has not reached Seoul. The plane was delayed a while, but maybe we will go soon,”
“But why Umma? Why should it be postponed? “Jaejoong whined sadly.
“Bad weather Jaejoong, dear, if imposed I’m afraid something will happen”
“Then it is better that Umma and Appa not have to go home today, but tomorrow,” suggested Jaejoong though he really missed his mother.
“No Jaejoong, dear. Umma has really missed you two, anyway Umma should arrive today, “she replied with confidence.
“All right, but the Umma and Appa have to be careful,” pleaded Jaejoong.
“Of course. Umma hang up, Jaejoong, your Appa is calling me,”
“Yes Umma,” Jaejoong smiled as he shut the phone. He then looked at Yunho who seemed to have fallen asleep.
“Hyung” called Jaejoong but no reply at all from Yunho.
“Hyung-ah” Jaejoong called again, trying to wake Yunho.
“Mhmm” murmured Yunho, opening his eyes slowly.
“Hyung looks very tired” said Jaejoong.
“Eumm … I do a lot of work,” Yunho nodded.
“But now hyung has to get up and eat breakfast, or later hyung will get sick,” pleaded Jaejoong as he tried to wake Yunho up. Unfortunately, Yunho did not flinch at all.
“Hyung … I’ll cook hyung’s favorite food… how is that?” tried Jaejoong.
“Are you serious?” said Yunho happily.
“Of course,” replied Jaejoong surely.
“You’re the best Jae,” Yunho said as he kissed Jaejoong’s lips and then went to the washroom to wash up.
“Such a Hyung,” said Jaejoong, as he shook his head to look at his hyung’s behavior before walking out of the room.

Jaejoong walked lightly into the kitchen to prepare breakfast for them both. Without waiting for a long time, Jaejoong began to prepare materials to make breakfast and prepare it on the dining table. Fairly quickly indeed, because today menu just a plain fried rice.

“Umma’s boy is alright today to have breakfast of fried rice?” Jaejoong asked as he rubbed his stomach slowly.
“Appa will also like it, because Appa will love whatever Umma has cooked for him,” Jaejoong smiled proudly while rubbing his belly.
“Jae …” said Yunho who in front of Jaejoong right now.
“Ah hyung, since when you have here?” said Jaejoong as he jumped and stared Yunho standing before him
“You’re so intimate when to talk to Jiyool, Jae,” Yunho said as he looked at Jaejoong without letting out his smile leave his face.
“Jiyool?” asked Jaejoong confusedly.
“Yes, I want our child to be named Jiyool when she is born later”
“Great name, but that’s a name for girls, hyung? What if our child is a boy, hyung? What would his name be?” asked Jaejoong with many questions.
“What’s a fitting name for our boy?” asked Yunho again.
“… What about Moonbin? Eumm or Sungwoon is nice too?” Jaejoong replied, putting his finger to his lips adorably.
“I agree” Yunho said immediately.
“Now you eat your breakfast first, or our children will be starving later,” said Yunho as he walked towards Jaejoong and sat down by his side.
“Hyung!” called Jaejoong.
“Mhmm …” said Yunho, mumbled as he began to pick up food for Jaejoong.
“I’m annoyed,” Jaejoong whined, as he pouted his lips and pulled away to not to face Yunho.
“Eh?” Yunho shocked, confused and stopped taking out food, which was now in his hand.
“Hyung cares more for our children than me,” Jaejoong muttered.
“Hey, it looks like my brother is sensitive, “Yunho said smiling, as he brought Jaejoong’s face to look at him
“Umm …” spoiled Jaejoong while pouting his lips.
“I love you both, Jae. If not, how could this kid be there?” said Yunho as he then put his arm around Jaejoong’s big belly, rubbing softly.
“But hyung always says things like, ‘for our children…’ or ‘so that our children…’ or-”
“You’re right,” said Yunho cutting of the protests from Jaejoong
“I said ‘for our children…’ or ‘so that our children…’ because he is our son, Jae. The baby from our love, and that means I love you too.”
“Eh??” Jaejoong gasped at his hyung’s words just now, because to be honest he never thought that far.
“If I didn’t love you, I’d say that he is my son,because it means you are a nobody to me, Jae. And I don’t want that, “Yunho said as he hugged Jaejoong slowly who was still not fully done digesting his words. He was only able to reply with a warm hug.
“Hyung-” Jaejoong’s words were interrupted as he felt a light vibration from Yunho’s rear pocket.
“Your cell phone is vibrating hyung,” Jaejoong said.
“Umm …” Yunho muttered slowly as he released his hold on Jaejoong, then pulled out his phone which had been silent in his pocket.
“Hello” said Yunho as he answered the phone.
“Yunho!” Called the people on the other line quite loudly. Yunho activated the speaker on the phone so that Jaejoong can also hear their conversation.
“Uncle, what’s wrong?” said Yunho, as he was confused to hear the call of his uncle.
“Yunho, are you at home now?” Said the man who made Yunho increasingly confused.
“Yes Uncle, what’s going on?” Yunho asked again.
“When are your parents coming home from Japan?” Odd question, because of course it was today and the person on the other line certainly knew it.
“Maybe Umma already left this morning or maybe already on the plane” said Yunho, little doubt.
“So it’s true,” he murmured.
“What’s true Uncle?” Jaejoong heard very clearly what the murmur was.
“Yunho … Jaejoong …” he went on to give a pause when calling them both.
“Uncle, what is it exactly? Uncle doesn’t usually call us early in the morning “Yunho said as he began to feel something unusual in his conversation with his uncle.
“Yunho try to see the news this morning,” pleaded the man.

Without waiting for the next command, Yunho clutched Jaejoong arm and took him into the living room. Arriving there, Yunho immediately turned on the large TV and went to the news channel.

‘… A plane crash just occurred. Only 3 people survived with very severe injuries, here is a list of victims who otherwise survived. Japan’s Airport, Narita has not confirmed any cases related to this accident … “

Yunho was silent, as well as Jaejoong who was at his side; only the faint sound of the black TV that gave noise on their side.

“Yunho,” called their Uncle who was still on the phone.
“Yunho …” he called again.
“Hey. Yunho! Jaejoong! You still there? “Said the middle-aged man, increasing his voice.
“Uncle …” Yunho murmured softly, still can not believe what he had just heard.
“Yunho …” said the uncle, understand the feelings that raged in the hearts of the young men who he had always considered his own son.
“It can’t be possible…” Jaejoong muttered, begin to feel the clear tears running down both his cheeks.
“Yunho, Jaejoong … Uncle already confirmed with the airport, and the results remain unchanged, the plane that crashed is the plane carrying your parents” said the uncle slowly.
“You’re lying, right uncle? That’s impossible,” said Jaejoong, as he snatched the mobile phone, which in Yunho’s tight grip.
“You lied to me Uncle, it is impossible that Umma and Appa died. They both promised me that they were going to be home today, ” said Jaejoong in a weak voice.

What should he do? That is a question that was turning in Yunho’s mind now. Sad, of course he was sad. As they were, they still were his parents who made him appear in this world. However, he had to stand tall and strong for his beloved brother, because if himself is weak, then who will strengthen his brother? But, Is this a sign? A sign that the power of love is capable of beating anything? Is God really on their side?

Yunho grabbed Jaejoong tightly. Jaejoong was getting weaker now. What could he do to strengthen this weak soul? Bring back their parents? That was impossible.

He gently embraced the body that was still shaking, like a small child, one small touch would be able to destroy him.

“Jae” he called softly.
“Hyung…” said Jaejoong replied with a weak sob, his voice is hoarse.
“The news … is wrong, right, hyung?” Said Jaejoong, stammered.
“Jae, Uncle already confirmed it directly with the airport, Appa and Umma … they both were among those who did not survive.”
“Umma lied, Hyung, Umma said she would come back, but why …” whined Jaejoong softly, hiding his face on Yunho’s chest.
“Jae…” Yunho deeply felt sadness, Jaejoong was very fond of both of their parents, Yunho wet clothes is enough evidence for it all.

Death is the end of the journey of life that is for sure; none of the creatures in this world will live forever. Nothing should be regretted, because the real death is the transition of new life in a different place. Although such a sense of sadness and tears still will not stop flowing if the expiration time is not right. All takes time.

Many people said when rain soaked the earth that the sky was crying at that time because of the sorrow of mankind. So if now, when parting at a funeral is accompanied by a sky with a bright and dazzling sun, does that mean the sky happy with death? Or does the sky forget the sadness?

Humans are able to think of anything that could be covered by their wits. But the human mind still has limits. Intellect is not able to reach something that is not capable with human senses. And Jaejoong forgot it all, he did not want to think about anything. One thing is for sure that he would never see his parents smile again.

“I do not want …” muttered Jaejoong in Yunho’s hold.
“Jae,” Yunho called when he felt a movement from Jaejoong that continues to shake his head weakly.
“I do not want it hyung,” his voice almost lost because has not stopped crying since he heard the news.
“You do not want what, Jae?”
“I do not want to feel this sadness anymore, hyung. I do not want to.”
Yunho just remained silent when he lifted Jaejoong’s head.
“Hyung, promise to never leave me, I will never be able hold it. It’s too painful, hyung.” Jaejoong sobbed in tears.
“Jae I promise you, I will always be by your side to take care of you. We will always be together, I’m sure of it.”

The promise remains a promise and people will never be able to determine what will appear in the future sometimes. Who will complete their journey in advance and who will live. Not all promises can be kept.

“Now we have to go back, Umma and Appa are happy there,” Yunho took Jaejoong into a black car that will lead to their homes which to be more quiet now.
“If Umma happy in there then I will be happy here. Right hyung? “asked Jaejoong as he tried to be strong.
“Yes, you are my great and tough brother, everything will return to normal,” said Yunho tried to calm his brother.
“Although it will not be entirely the same,” added Jaejoong.
“But we will still try to go on,” said Yunho who gave Jaejoong a smile from his beautiful face.

A journey needs direction and purpose; otherwise the human race will just drive around aimlessly exhausting themselves without delivering results. This return trip gave new direction to the way of two people who got confused to determine the direction of their travel.

Yunho looked at Jaejoong who just stared into the bright morning sky without a cloud of white and radiant as the sun was warm enough.

“Hyung,” said Jaejoong who looked at Yunho who rested his head on Jaejoong’s right shoulder.
“Eumm …” Yunho said as he lifted Jaejoong’s body slowly and took him to sit on his lap.
“How are you feeling today, Jae?” asked Yunho, as he gently stroked the beautiful face with the back of his hand.
“I do not know hyung … everything happened just like that, and without knowing anything everything changed and I had to realize that not all things not going like how I thought.”
“My brother has really grown up now,” teased Yunho.
“Of course hyung, if not, how am I going to educate our children?”
“Mhmm…” Yunho just nodded, agreeing.
“So hyung, I still need you to help me grow up and raise this child.”
“Of course, I’ll always take care of you and our children,” Yunho said as he hugged Jaejoong tightly.

Both of them were in silence, only wanting to feel the warmth provided by each other’s bodies. Although a loved one will go, the warmth and love will still be felt by the sincere and pure feelings.

“Jae,” Yunho called, waking up them both from the comfortable warmth.
“Eumm …” Jaejoong muttered, reluctantly letting go of Yunho’s body.
“Jae I have to tell you something and this is very important,” said Yunho, as he let go of Jaejoong.
“What is it hyung?” Jaejoong said confusedly.
“I know this is not the right time, not even a week Umma and Appa died. However, this is the best that I can decide for now, “Yunho started his speech.
“What’s happening hyung?” Jaejoong asked. Jaejoong really did not understand with his hyung’s words.
“Eumm…” Jaejoong blinked his eyes in confusion.
“I love you, you know it’s true,” Yunho started.
“Eumm,” Jaejoong nodded slowly.
“Jae …Please marry me,” said Yunho steadily.
“Hyung!” Jaejoong shrieked and raised his eyes.
“I know this is not the right time, but Jae, you belly will be getting bigger and our children need legal parents.”
“But hyung…” said Jaejoong doubtingly.
“I think maybe this is a solution given by God, we no longer need to worry about if Umma and Appa would not agree,” said Yunho calmly.
“Hyung!” Jaejoong said roughly and Yunho immediately covered his mouth with his hands so he will not to continue his question.
“Whatever it is and however it is, love remains of the sacred bond!”
“But the love we stand on top of is humiliating and causes death to some men, Jae” Yunho said.
“As hyung said before, this is probably the true God-given way. Does not that mean we should be grateful to live it as best as possible, hyung? “Jaejoong asked.
“Does that mean…” Yunho started.
“Eumm … I want to, hyung” Jaejoong nodded firmly.
“You’re serious, Jae?” asked Yunho with a bit cheerful looks.
“I’m serious, hyung” Jaejoong smiled.
“I love you, Jae” said Yunho again and directly hugged his brother’s body and replied by Jaejoong.
“I love you, too, hyung. But hyung … “happiness was interrupted by a next speech from Jaejoong.
“But what, Jae?”
“What about the people around, they will not approve it all”
“I’ve thought of it all, we will be moving to Japan and forwarding Appa’s company in there” said Yunho.
“Then how about this house and Appa’s company in Korea?”
“I talked to uncle and he would take care of everything”
“You had planned it all, hyung” teased Jaejoong.
“For my future wife I would do anything” teased Yunho, successfully cause bright red flush on Jaejoong’s face.

I don’t know how to continue this story anymore
I’m stuck and couldn’t thinking for the story anymore, so I decided to end this story here
I’m really sorry, hope I’m not dispoint you
But this story not complete yet, I’m still have the epilog of this

Thank you for all who read this story from the beginning till now
See you ^^


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