Open Recruitment Admin + Author


We want to open a chance for reader-deul for joining with us to be part of FANFICYUNJAE Big Family..

“Because a group of sticks are more strong than a stick”

Positions that we need :

1) twitter (closed)
2) group FB (1 admins)
3) fanpage FB (closed)
4) news web (3 admins)
5) tumblr (closed)

Requirements: WNI, OL oftenly, having much free time, smartphone user, What’s App user, having a good internet connection, talkative & speaking english fluently min.passive, and available to be contacted.
(For news web only: WordPress user)
(For tumblr only: often using tumblr previously)

6) author freelance (unlimited)
7) author completer (2 authors)

Requirements: WNI, having enough free time for writing, WordPress user, smartphone user, What’s App user, high creativity, high fantasy, being able to continue other author’s FFs well & fulfilling the deadline, and available to be contacted.

That needs to be done as admin+author :
– Do each duty well in schedule.
– Have a good relationship with the other admin+author.
– Promote & Help FFYJ’s projects.
– Keep the good name and the secrecy of this blog who do not need to know the public.

How to Register :

Make curriculum vitae(CV) that contains :

  1. Name,
  2. ID card number,
  3. Religion,
  4. Birth Place and Date,
  5. Full Address,
  6. HP’s number (BBM Pin),
  7. FB and Twitter Acounts,
  8. The Reason why joining with FANFICYUNJAE
  9. Email,
  10. Position that you want to join.
  11. Fanfiction oneshoot/ 1 chapter (just for author freelance)
  12. Than send the CV to our email : with subject : OPREC FANFICYUNJAE

Registration Deadline : Without time limit. If the position has been filled, so you can not register.

More information will be notified via sms or chat or twitter. Please wait.. Register NOW.. Fastly you join to be part of FANFICYUNJAE, fastly you spread Yunjae’s virus. We wait you NOW..

“Without readers, we are authors are nothing ..”

Jeongmal gomawoyo yorobeun..



12 thoughts on “Open Recruitment Admin + Author

  1. kirim cv-nya via email ya? errr… ff-nya bisa yang udah pernah di post gak? trus kalo misal pingin yang 4 ato 5 tapi gak bisa mengoperasikan wordpress gimana?

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